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Custom built our home in 2010. One frame cracked in half after install, Fibrex material.

One single hung window had silicon inside the glass and had the frame warping in in different directions. It worked fine for six months then would no longer lock. Only took 18 months of service calls to get it fixed. One large picture window developed some film inside the glass but since the glass was over 3 years old they would only warranty the product not labor.

After working my way up the chain of command at the service dept. they decided that since it's a fixed window labor is covered.??? We have two windows that continue to leak though I'm not sure how after they have been sealed 3 time. Possible from some flashing above the window.

All the single hung windows leak mass air and the slides constantly come off. I'm starting a new home, but not with Andersen.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Andersen Windows Cons: Warranty service product.

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hi there. our 100 series are leaking in the corners.

fibrex material not so nifty after all. we just can not get anderson to do anything about the warranty.

they attempted to fix them without avail. How did you elevate the issue??

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