We had our $42,000 windows installed 21/2 years ago and we still have 2 windows that have leaked since they were installed. It took forever to reach a live person.

Once we did someone came out and tried to say it wasnt the windows. Funny thing is we did not have any windows leaking before they installed their windows. They then send another person that takes pictures and said he believes its the way they were installed. What do they do?

Send him back a few weeks later to take more pictures. All of this time we are getting more and more water damage. A month later we still dont hear anything. We have to keep calling them.

This is the worst experience I have ever had with a company. The windows that do not leak are wonderful but I would not recommend them due to their awful customer service.

User's recommendation: Find another company do NOT buy from them.

Preferred solution: Remove the windows and reinstall them.

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Sucks after spending all that money. Thanks for the warning


My sister just purchased 40,000 in windows from Andersen. They were suppose to install starting last Wednesday and finish on Friday, however, they cancelled at the last minute and tried to set installation date a month from then.

I did not realize that these guys are Franchised and they use sub contractors on these installs. My sister has a lovely home with nice windows only a few have lost the gas so I am not sure why they have purchased all new windows. However, my sister is 77 years old and not in great health because of a stroke. Would you be willing to let them see the installation that Renewal by Andersen did at your home?

They have already paid 20,000. They live in Tunnel Hill GA so I am not sure what laws they have to protect them.

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