After three Andersen Renewal service providers came to measure for the windows, the wrong sized windows were ordered.

All of the windows were supposed to have panes and one of the windows did not.

Initially,I was promised that my custom ordered vertical blinds would be replaced. When the windows finally were ready to be installed, i was told that my vertical blinds couldn't be replaced exactly as they had been installed because of the type of window that I ordered.

I questioned as to why was I not told that from the beginning? I never received an answer.

The process of ordering the windows began in May of this year ( I am aware of the state of our country with the pandemic going on), but this is November and I still do not have newly installed windows.

When the windows that were measured incorrectly and missing window panes, came in October, I was told by the installation service person that they would have to cut away a good portion of the window casing in order to install the too tightly fitting windows. I asked, Would you be replacing the extra portion of casing?. He told me that I would have to hire someone else to do that.

I thought to myself: I have waited patiently for these windows to arrive and they are wrong, I have paid more than half of the money that is due on the windows for a down payment, I was promised that my custom vertical blinds would be replaced in the same manner that they were installed and now there is a possibility that if I did not take the windows as they were delivered I would have to wait longer until they could be fixed. Well, needless to say, I refused the installation. Immediately after the refusal, local management called and explained that he would try to correct the situation but it would probably take until January of next year to correct the error. I still refused the installation.

The installation person took the windows that were incorrect and left the correct ones here at my home. Two weeks later I called Andersens local representative. He asked that I send him pictures of the windows that needed replacement. Why he needed pictures?

I do not know. I sent them. He said that he would get back to me. He never called until after I complained to corporate.

On November second, I called the corporate office and told them to send someone from their company to come pick these windows up and send me a refund of my money and I explained that I did not want to speak to their local representative. I explained that I had already spoken to him. He did not return my call so there was no need to speak to him anymore. I reiterated my request to return my money and have their window picked up.

The next day, I received a call from their local representative wanting to arrange the completion of my home project. He subsequently called two more times. I didnt return his calls.

Again, I am requesting that my money be returned (in full) and arrangements be made to pick these windows up immediately. I do not want them.

Andersen Renewal Windows is not the only window company in the United States.

I feel that your product and your local product representative are poor representations of your company. I cannot explain how disappointed I am, after having waited from May to November, to still have not been made a satisfied customer and your company cannot help me.



User's recommendation: I would not recommend future customers.

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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