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We have an Anderson Patio door, one year old, with supposedly a 10 year warranty on manufactured parts. The face plate on the handle fell off.

We have called for a replacement and we are kept on the phone for hours, getting nothing but the run around from one person after another. It is a simple little part which they could easily mail to us. They want to send out a technician to attempt repair, which we would have to pay for as labor is not covered by the warranty. This is totally ridiculous.

Their customer service sucks. I would never buy Andrson again.

Location: Lansing, Michigan

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You can probably find the replacement parts on a place like Amazon.com which would be much cheaper than having the repairman come out to fix it. There are after-market replacement parts for these things which may also work.

Anderson Windows nowadays are not worth the money and seem to be unreliable to boot. Waiting for long periods of time for customer service is cause to never buy from that company again---and, warn friends and family.

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